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Dr Param Narang

Dr Narang has always had a passion for helping those in need. That, and her keen interest in science is what first drew her to dentistry. She’s a firm believer in both preventative, and comprehensive dentistry—and puts an emphasis on clear, open, and honest communication with her patients.

In 2004, she moved from India to the USA to follow her passion for dentistry, and has been proudly practicing and serving her community since.
In her spare time, Dr Narang loves spending time with her family, and watching her two boys play tennis. She enjoys cooking, and enjoys nature hikes with her adorable dog! If you’re looking for a dentist that is experienced, friendly, and passionate—then you’ll love Dr Narang

Compassionate and Committed to Quality care

Meet Our Dental Team

South Main Dental would be nothing without our incredible team of dentists, hygienists, and amazing administration staff. We’ve built our team with exceptional people and warm, inviting personalities. We want our clients to enjoy a friendly, calm atmosphere when they visit our dentist office in Torrington.

Here are the awesome people that make up the South Main team!


Dental Assistant


Front Desk


Dental Hygienist


Our team at South Main is the finest team of dentists in Torrington! We’re proud to serve our community, and our goal is to build relationships that last a lifetime. We’re dedicated to your oral health, and aim to provide a relaxing, enjoyable experience! If you have any questions about South Main Dental, our team, or our services—please feel free to reach out!


South Main Dental is proud to support the causes that we hold dear. We strongly believe that no child should suffer from The Sabuska is a Dental organization that sends its esteemed dentists to Kenya on Dental Camps to serve orphans and poverty-stricken children. The dentists remain on site for few weeks and provide the quality dental care to thousands of children. The Kenya Mission not only provides the needed dental care but also takes part in clothing drive and supplying needed dental care products, educating and improving the local dental facilities.

Just by visiting us, you are joining us in giving back and helping fight the poverty.
To get involved, or to learn more, call and schedule and appointment!