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If you have one or more missing teeth, Our Dentist in Torrington, Dr Narang can help you replace it . At south Main Dental, we are specialized at providing the restorative dentistry services. We can help you restore your missing and damaged tooth with high quality natural looking lab created crown or bridge. Book a consultation with Dr Narang today to learn more or restore your smile and bite.


There are times when tooth damage or decay is beyond the capabilities of a filling. It’s in these circumstances that we recommended getting a crown put on the tooth. Crowns are custom made to fit your tooth, and precisely mimic the natural appearance of your teeth—so you can get back to smiling bright.

Once a crown has been placed on the tooth, further decay or damage is completely prevented. This gives you the peace of mind you need to eat, smile, and drink that morning coffee with confidence!

For more information about crowns, and whether or not you may need one


Nobody wants to have gaps in their mouth where healthy teeth used to be. That’s why dentures, implants, and bridges are so popular. Not only do they protect your oral health, but they also give you your smile back!

Bridges offer a non-surgical alternative to dental implants. The difference is that implants are anchored to the bone, while bridges attach one or more crowns to the adjacent teeth. The result is a natural, healthy appearance—without the surgery.

Implants may not be possible for some patients. Bones must be dense enough to support a dental implant. In cases where the bones are not dense enough, bridges or dentures may be the only options. While some patients prefer dentures, they can be cumbersome at times and require more hands-on maintenance. Bridges, while requiring care and cleaning, stay in the mouth and are attached to the teeth. They’re more of a “set-it and forget it” tooth replacement option.


Our team at South Main is the finest team of dentists in Torrington! We’re proud to serve our community, and our goal is to build relationships that last a lifetime. We’re dedicated to your oral health, and aim to provide a relaxing, enjoyable experience! If you have any questions about South Main Dental, our team, or our services—please feel free to reach out!


Caring for dental crowns is same as for natural teeth. The improper care can lead to crown decays and infections . However regular brushing and flossing just like your own teeth can prevent any decays.
For proper care of dental bridges, it is recommended to brush and floss twice a day. Flossing removes any plaque from under the false teeth. No other special care is needed apart from the daily oral hygiene and regular Preventative care dental visits at South Main Dental